Membership Requirements

Our membership requirements are as follows:

  • Full Members: 36 Hours per month
  • Junior Members: 24 Hours per month (Highschool Students only)
  • Must have minimum of EMT-Basic within 18 months
  • Must become cleared as an attendant in charge (AIC) within 6 months of obtaining EMT-Basic or higher certification.
  • Pass a State and Federal background check.
  • Must be at least 16 years of age.

We run from 1800(6PM)-0600(6AM) Monday - Friday. On the weekends our members cover from 6AM-6PM and from 6PM-6AM. We have spacious rooms for our members to spend the night when running the overnight shifts. Our associate members are required to run 24 hours a month, while our full members are required to run 36 hours a month.
Our schedules are written the month before the current month (schedule for January would be submitted by mid December). Unlike many stations you are not assigned a regular duty night. Each month you’ll submit your availability and duty shifts will be assigned based on when you can run. This increases flexibility with our members's schedules and allows for changing work schedules.
  • Work out in our gym
  • Take advantage of our internal training opportunities
  • Flexible hours
  • Large call volume
  • Participate in community events
  • Volunteer Incentive Program (program sponsored by Roanoke County)
  • TVs in bunkrooms
  • Advanced Technology
    • Email provided by Gmail
    • Free WiFi
    • Active 911